5 Questions for Chris Foltz

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Chris Foltz, a local social enterprise strategist, donated countless hours to oversee CAPCA’s website redesign. Chris, who is best known around Chicago for heading up the Social Policy Institute, worked pro bono and we hope that his office will always be full of coffee, pizza and RPCVs with bright ideas.

Q1: Tell us about your Social Policy Institute. 

The Social Policy Institute is the culmination of my previous experiences in public relations, marketing and politics, and the myriad of gaps I found in business and nonprofits across the map. Rather than ignoring or avoiding these gaps in education, healthcare, employment, the economy, etc., or simply brushing over them, the Social Policy Institute identifies the gaps to close them.

Q2: What is your vision for a better Chicago?

In my opinion, Chicago is the greatest city on Earth because, at its core, it is a mixture of every other city. My vision for Chicago is for us all to realize that and work together as a community to embrace moving Chicago forward.

Q3: You built CAPCA’s website free of charge. Are you crazy?

To be honest, I get asked ‘Are you crazy?’ quite regularly! I didn’t have the opportunity to serve in the Peace Corps myself, but I believe so strongly in the mission. So when the opportunity came to help I had to jump at it, because what I can say for certain is, not a day goes by that I don’t feel the effects of returning Peace Corps members; throughout Illinois and the country. And I wanted more of that.

Q4: Peace Corps Volunteers love acronyms. You are an RPCV at heart. What do those letters stand for, to you?

R: Reinvigorating communities
P: Practicing what we preach  for real!
C: Continuing to learn throughout our lives
V: Victories come through reactions to failure

Q5: Finish this sentence: “I can’t help but burst into a song-and-dance routine of ‘Happy’ when…”

…I think how much Peace Corps Volunteers make me feel like an RPCV myself, to the point where I do actually know what RPCV means.

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