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The Future is Bright

The aim of The “Future is Bright” project is to purchase ten solar panels in order to provide electricity for a new learning center in a middle school in  Madagascar. These panels will be used to provide light and power eight desktop computers.

$200 Donated

Community Library

The community will use funds from this grant, in combination with their own monetary and in kind contributions, to build a structure to serve as a community library. The community will be providing all skilled and unskilled labor, contributing US$5 per household, and maintaining and growing the library and its services into the future. The […]

$300 Donated

C.L.I.M.B. Outdoor Leadership

Underprivileged youth will complete complete an outdoor leadership program that imparts a diverse array of tangible skills, encourages personal growth, and develops an appreciation for nature. Peace Corps Volunteer and qualified Host Country National counterparts will guide Moroccan youth through a 6-month program of weekly classes, community service projects, and excursions into nature. The program will culminate with a […]

$500 Donated

Library Renovation

Led by a PCV in South Africa, this project is designed to complete renovations of an existing structure at a school to make it suitable for a classroom library.

$500 Donated
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