CAPCA’s grants program provides funding for the projects of Peace Corps Volunteers and their local communities in countries all over the world.

CAPCA looks for sustainable Peace Corps Partnership Projects that help build the capacity of community members and aim to fund a variety of strong community-based projects.Take a look at some of the great projects your donations have helped make possible.

$200 Donated

Camp Koh Kong Strong

Your contributions to CAPCA helped students from four rural villages attend a mixed gender camp in Cambodia. At Camp Koh Kong Strong, tenth, eleventh and twelfth-grade students learned valuable skills to bring back to their communities. They learned about environmental health and how to protect their communities from illegal logging and hunting. They learned about […]

$200 Donated

The Future is Bright

The aim of The “Future is Bright” project is to purchase ten solar panels in order to provide electricity for a new learning center in a middle school in  Madagascar. These panels will be used to provide light and power eight desktop computers.

$300 Donated

Community Library

The community will use funds from this grant, in combination with their own monetary and in kind contributions, to build a structure to serve as a community library. The community will be providing all skilled and unskilled labor, contributing US$5 per household, and maintaining and growing the library and its services into the future. The […]

$500 Donated

C.L.I.M.B. Outdoor Leadership

Underprivileged youth will complete complete an outdoor leadership program that imparts a diverse array of tangible skills, encourages personal growth, and develops an appreciation for nature. Peace Corps Volunteer and qualified Host Country National counterparts will guide Moroccan youth through a 6-month program of weekly classes, community service projects, and excursions into nature. The program will culminate with a […]

$500 Donated

Library Renovation

Led by a PCV in South Africa, this project is designed to complete renovations of an existing structure at a school to make it suitable for a classroom library.

$431 Donated

Let Girls Learn

CAPCA donated $431.00 that was collected at the October 23rd, 2015 Founder’s Day Dinner to the Let Girls Learn Program. The Peace Corps Let Girls Learn Program is an ambitious effort to tackle a global issue: educational inequality. Over 62 million girls around the world are not in school, and we are going to change […]

B2B thankyou
$500 Donated

Border2Border Walk in Armenia

The 2014 Border2Border (“B2B”) initiative is a project that couples local action with increased national awareness about children’s health and waste reduction. Peace Corps volunteers will walk the entire length of Armenia, one group leaving from the northern border with Georgia and the other from the southern border with Iran. En-route, the B2B teams will join with […]

guinea spelling bee photowinners
$299 Donated

National Spelling Bee in Guinea

1140 students from 38 middle schools participated in local and regional French spelling bees, culminating in a national competition. CAPCA contributed $299 to support PCV Hannah Koppel and her Guinean partners.

$500 Donated

Ukraine Camp MAKE

PCVs Carey Bolnik and Alison Cumbow organized an English language camp focusing on civic engagement, multiculturalism, critical thinking, volunteerism, project planning, and problem solving. Campers each completed a community project. Camp staff included both PCVs and Ukrainians of various ethnicities.

$500 Donated

Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World)

Romania PCV Ashley Lenihan and local community partners help organize a girls’ leadership camp in English with a focus on skills that rural girls can take back to their villages. The camp was an empowering and life changing experience for many of the girls, who returned home eager to become involved community members with new […]

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